A personal message from Henry to those of you who have a sincere desire to become better traders.

It's 2 in the morning on a Saturday night and I have been reviewing my conversations with literally thousands of nice folks over the last 13 years. Most of those conversations covered the same subjects which is the reason I am writing this now.

I have been a trader for over 35 years. I was a trader during the same period I was an inventor who built and sold 5 high tech companies by the time I "retired" at 43. I also taught a monthly 20 hour technical course to Corporate Officers for 14 years and the interaction with my students and the feeling of satisfaction at seeing their faces light up when they finally "got it" was something that I have missed. I made hundreds and hundreds of friends who have continued to be a part of my life in my retirement.

In recent years a number of you have found that when you call our phone number, many times you will talk directly to me. I take over 30 phone calls a day personally because I do enjoy helping, educating and getting the feedback that makes our little adventure so rewarding to so many. This is what I do, and I plan to continue to do because I have a passion for the markets.

Over the years I have been approached by many professional organizations to affiliate myself with them or their cause in structuring schools and joining the seminar "tour circuit" or booking investment cruises....all of which I have resisted. Part of the freedom I sought in retirement was to have the ability to do "What I Wanted...When I wanted", and I would give all of that up if I became affiliated with such ventures.

I also find great frustration on the part of many callers, who are trying to become better investors, many of whom who have literally spent 10's of thousands of dollars on educational seminars that in the end proved impossible to implement or administer. 95% of the time they are just trying to make it too complicated which is why I decided to begin mentoring a few selected individuals at a time in a one-on-one video environment at an affordable price (that makes sure my 3 Grandkids get new bikes for Christmas) and at the same time provides me with a very selfish outlet for my desire to teach, aid and support and see the fruits of my efforts in the success of others.

I believe I am one of the best at what I do and now after finding almost 70,000 customers in our database over the last 13 years I want to take this opportunity to more directly answer the frustrations and pitfalls of most traders, personal AND professional that I find among our group.

Many will just buy a book...and never trade any of our systems. Many are in the business of buying books, courses and systems and NEVER really trade anybody's systems. They are very much professional students and as long as they are in the educational process, they can never be criticized for failure....That's human nature. Those are not the ones I am interested in reaching.

Many will buy one stock, find mediocre results and move on. That's human nature as well. They have no plan except to experiment here and there hopefully, but not usually, breaking even. I can help them, but they don't yet have the commitment.

A trader I know once said "In trading, the average trader wastes five years and loses $40.000 before beginning to achieve success." Yet, those five years are spent making the same mistakes that everybody else has already made!

That really frustrates me...There is no reason for it and one by one I am determined to change that with an educational program I call:


Early on in my trading career I had a mentor tell me that it takes people with a strong technical background 10 years to become good traders. It takes an ex plumber less than a year. I have a few members who can attest to it. I was one of those 10 year guys because I let my ego get in the way. You may laugh, (I can now), but it's true and I can show you why and how to take advantage of probably the most important part of your trading plan you are missing...

I am not being disparaging about plumbers  My personal attorney is an ex-plumber who took up law at 40 years of age and has won 3 technology infringement suits for me. I had one plumber who retired to become a full time trader in less than THREE months. It's because his approach was direct and the shortest path between two points. He didn't feel obligated to learn 60 different indicators that worked some of the times at various points in the market cycle. All he wanted to do was find a winning formula and duplicate it again and again and....again. We found one for him within the tools we provide at Pitbull Investor.


Do you choke up at pulling the trigger and often wait until it too late and you have missed the big move?
Does your portfolio do the "YOYO" ...As soon as you get a little ahead you give it all back?
Do you allow news and "talking heads" or hunches or friends to influence your trade decisions.
Do you trade for the "Thrill" ....taking trades that ultimately leave you scratching your head in wonder about why you ever got into them?
Do you often place your trades and immediately find yourself underwater.
Do you have an easy time picking trades to enter, but can never seem to know when to sell them and slowly watch your trade profits dwindle?
Do you find that the more indicators you follow the more confused you get?
Do you follow your trading plan (or even have one)
Do you practice consistent money management in your overall portfolio and individual trades?

How would you like to be able to do the following (If you are already doing this you don't have to read the rest)

A. Make mechanical stock selections that win 90% of the time (Yeah sure...right?...RIGHT!)

B. Risk only 1% of your total portfolio on each trade that you take.

C. Keep 80% of your portfolio in long term products that will simulate mutual funds, but with multiples on standard returns...even within your IRA (and know exactly when to sell them and get to cash or bonds or other vehicles.)

D. Know BEFORE you enter a trade EXACTLY where you are going to take profits and how to money manage your trade at the same time with mechanical precision.

E, Pick your own trading style, from 4 categories of risk
1. Adventurous
2. Aggressive
3. Prudent
4. Very Conservative
and know exactly what your risk is at every stage of your investment and custom tailored exits that suit your style.

F. Spend just 30 minutes a week to pick and monitor your trading investments.
G. Learn to do all of this in 3 intense one-on-one video internet sessions where I talk to you directly and you look at my computer screen and "MY" talking head if you wish to.

I could easily book a suite at the Anaheim Hilton and fill a room with a couple of hundred people at $1500 a head, but like I said "I am retired" (my wife snickers every time I say that). That is not my style. I too want to have that direct one-on-one relationship with a selected few members on my own schedule, but I want you to know that you are not just taking a course, but instead getting a custom made mentoring session that delivers on your own personal needs.

I had somebody tell me this morning (Yes, I do take calls on Saturday's too) that he wasn't smart enough to learn from me. This is what I do best. I make all of this stuff simple and head-slapping good so "Even a cave man could do it!"

Let me show you how professional mentoring can solve these and many other "syndromes". I had mentors all along the way.(I had them in business as well because it is the easiest way to short circuit the painful learning curve that we all must go through on the way to success in whatever endeavors we undertake). If you want to be successful at heart surgery, photography, flying or fishing find someone who is already an expert who is willing to dedicate the time and effort to bring you up to speed and help you avoid the pitfalls that the average person goes through on their way to becoming successful.

Here is what my proposal to you is. Give me 3 days. If I can't address your personal weaknesses in such a way that you can walk away with an easy to understand, easily implemented stock selection method that delivers; a money management strategy that limits your risk; a trade management technique that keeps your losses on a short leash and prevents you from giving back all your profits on an automated basis and a whole lot more time and less aggravation to boot, YOU WILL OWE ME NOTHING.

If you don't believe you and I can really do this, I will arrange to let you talk directly to some of the folks I have already mentored who are on their way to a structured trading career. Some have been trading for 10 years or more and had their trading thinking completely turned around. They include a beginning investor, a Fund manager, an experienced commodities trader and more.

What have you got to lose?....What have you got to gain?

I will only be doing a couple a week as each session is customized to the individual, so follow the link if you are interested in signing up, or just give me a call at 1-800-491-9951 to discuss it. I will probably pick up the phone.

Warm regards,
Henry Ford